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Hummingbird Inn
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Branding, Web Design, Front-End Development

There’s a legend that says hummingbirds inspire us to open our hearts to loved ones and friends, and create new personal connections. This mindset was the inspiration behind the inn’s name and founding. Eric Levinson, Hummingbird Inn’s owner and founder, strove to create an environment that felt warm, welcoming, and social – a type of environment, that for Eric, would be so much more than just a business. He tapped Brunch to help him create a brand and website that would help him get there.

A Brand Takes Flight

We set out to develop a logo and visual brand that would underscore the true vision of the inn: a relaxed, light-hearted place to let loose and be yourself.

We created multiple visual directions, and eventually settled on a more literal interpretation of a hummingbird. The logomark is immediately recognizable, yet adaptable enough to apply to every form of collateral Eric used in the marketing of his new venture.

Building an Online Presence

To effectively market the inn’s opening, it was important that potential customers get a sense of the experience he was providing, and easily book a visit. A custom WordPress site was the best way for Eric to engage with customers both in and out of his immediate area—and be able to manage the content on his own down the road, too.

We knew we wanted to make the experience of shopping for a room less of a hunt and more of a tour. We hired a photographer to capture the inn with an attention-grabbing, visually pleasing style that showed off the personality of each room. Our copywriters got to work on highlighting the features that make each room unique, like jacuzzi-size bathtubs, heated towel racks, and morning sunlight in the winter. By focusing on defining and perfecting the content, we were able to breathe life into the room listings, giving a customer an idea of what staying in each room would be like.

When designing the actual interface of the site, we introduced elements that reflected the essence of the brand: light, fluttery animations; a balanced, fresh color scheme; and playful typography. We strove to make the booking experience as clear and headache-free as possible, introducing an availability calendar giving users the ability to see price variance based on the type of room and dates they were interested in booking.

Designing for Mobile

Designing with a mobile first approach ensured each type of user had the same fluid, smooth experience, regardless of what device they were using.


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