15 Questions to Ask in Every Kickoff Meeting

Every project is different. They all have different goals, timelines, and budgets. One thing is consistent —Communication is key to a successful project. In order for us to communicate effectively, we utilize a kickoff meeting checklist for each meeting.

Here is our Kick-off meeting cheat-sheet that allows for a thorough understanding of scope, timeline, and budget early on.

We are always adding to this list, so be sure to bookmark it and keep an eye on any changes. If there’s anything you think we should add, send us a message!

Pre-kickoff meeting checklist:

  • Has everyone on your team who will be attending the kickoff been briefed on the project?
  • Have those people ☝ had a chance to ask questions? If so, answer any that you can, and then ask the rest in the kickoff meeting.
  • Does everyone on the team understand their role in this project?
  • Have you written up and sent out an agenda for everyone attending?

Kickoff meeting questions:

  1. What do you want this [deliverable(s)] to do for you?
  2. Who is the end-user?
  3. What do you currently have in place to achieve the goals for this project?
  4. Do you anticipate your goals changing or shifting at all? What would cause them to shift?
  5. How are we going to measure success?
  6. What could go wrong?
  7. What’s your experience working with a design studio?
  8. Who is the main point of contact for this project?
  9. Who do we need final sign off from on drafts?
  10. How many people on the client team will be looking at material we send over? What role does each person play?
  11. How do you best communicate? Email? Text? Slack?
  12. How often would you like to have a status meeting to check in on scope, timeline, and high-level assessment of the project?
  13. Are there any creative parameters we need to work within?
  14. Content/Data. Do we have it? Does it need to be created? Who is managing or responsible for that?
  15. Are there other products/sites/what-have-you that already exist in the world that we can draw inspiration from? What is attractive about them that we want to emulate?

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