Landing Pages – A Marketer’s best friend.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific page, typically a stand-alone, that users are directed to for a specific purpose. Marketers use them for campaigns as much as we can. It provides a quick transition from email/social/ad to the page with limited functionality–driving the users to the complete the primary goal/task, which is then considered a lead conversion..

Landing pages come in all sizes and shapes, with all different purposes.

Some popular ones are:

  • Sales and online marketing funnels
  • Contact forms
  • RSVP pages
  • Informational pages for a specific event

Landing pages hold your user’s hand to ensure they transition from your hook to your conversion goal seamlessly and efficiently. 

Landing pages can also link users back to your main website, if desired. They can be connected to your website, but can also act as standalone pages to gather data. Landing pages are also a great way to spice things up, add some flair and authority to a campaign, and should be used as often as you have the time to create them. They can also be used when you want to deviate from your main site’s style for a specific campaign.

Where do I start?

Many email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) web tools provide the ability to craft landing pages that are customized or similar to your main site. Whether you use WordPress for your site, Mailchimp for your marketing campaigns, and Hubspot as a CRM, landing pages are a great way to increase the interaction with your marketing campaigns and grow your conversions.

Here at Brunch, we use Hubspot for a lot of our marketing needs and relationship management. They has several templates available for us to create landing pages for whatever needs may arise, and they’re fairly straight-forward to make and provide all the necessary tracking and follow-up automation.

Below is an example a landing page we recently used for a party we hosted. We wanted to be able to track in Hubspot the RSVPs to our event as well as understand a user’s other interactions with us. Landing pages are extremely useful and should be utilized whenever possible for maximum effect.


Hopefully this gives you a good idea of where to start and how to begin utilizing landing pages to grow your business and perfect your data gathering processes.